Sarah Kearns

Pinstripe | Personal

As Chief Operating Officer of PermittingPartners, Sarah brings a wealth of experience in marketing and business development to the company. Her experience ranges from being responsible for the growth and management of the Mexico City office for Converse footwear, to developing local marketing programs for small start-ups such as a Belgian chocolate importer.

For the last five years Sarah has run her own consulting business, working with small business owners on strategy development and writing business and marketing plans. In addition to individual entrepreneurs, Sarah has served as a consultant to the Vermont Small Business Development Center since early in 2010. She has helped many local small business owners and is recognized for her work in Addison County, Vermont.

Prior to having her own consulting business, Sarah worked in a series of start-up enterprises – many in the “high risk” category – in the Boston area. She joined an internet start-up at the beginning of the internet revolution called HighWired went out of business as did many internet start-ups at that time, but the experience she gained into what makes a business successful was invaluable. At HighWired, she identified strategic partners and negotiated partnership contracts, helping create win-win solutions for all that resulted in market visibility. Sarah started her career at Converse Inc., where she worked as Business Development Manager for Latin America. She focused on growing the business throughout Mexico and Latin America and traveled frequently to the region.

Sarah is active in her local community, working as a volunteer in the local schools. She and her family also enjoy being involved with the Fresh Air Fund program. Her other volunteer interests include Vermont specific industries. In particular, she has been working with small dairy farms in Vermont, who struggle to broaden their sources of income and thus insulate them from the challenges of an agriculture economy on top of the current economic strains. Sarah serves as an advisor to the Milky Way Organic farm on their non-dairy business issues.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado and an MBA from Babson College, where she focused on entrepreneurial studies. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of French.